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In this section you will find judgments made available by the Superior Courts.
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Going to Court

Going to Court

Jury Service

Every adult citizen whose name is on the Register of Dáil electors can be called for jury service.
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Small Claims

How to make a claim through the small claims procedure
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Learn about the courts

Learn about the Courts

How the courts work

The Courts functions include administering criminal law, resolving civil disputes and upholding citizen’s rights.
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Education & Schools

With Let’s Look at the Law, students can learn about the law and the court system in Ireland.
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Judicial Personal Injuries Committee set to start work - judges selected and set to hit the ground running: Judiciary do consider false or exaggera

The Chief Justice has made a statement to mark the beginning of a New Legal Year.

The Courts Service will launch phase 1 of the High Court e-filing of legal cost adjudication applications on Courts Service Online (CSOL)

Ms Angela Denning has been announced as the new Chief Executive Officer of the Courts Service, at a meeting of the Courts Service Board of Director