A guide to what you can expect from the beta site

This is a pre-release beta version of the new Courts Service website. The purpose of this version is to conduct testing and obtain feedback.  Content and menus are liable to change at any time.

The site is also designed with special attention to mobile and tablet devices.



This site is built on a modern content management system and is not compatble with older browsers, particularly Internet Explorer.  It will work fully with any up-to-date versions of Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. 


Main Menu

Not all menu items have content pages behind them as of yet, but are presented to indicate the intended menu structure.


Judgments and Determinations

You can search for judgments on the judgments page.

All judgments are now available (as of 3rd Sept 2019).

All determinations are now available (as of 16th Sept 2019)


Court Rules

You can browse or search through rules on the Court Rules page.

A full set of consolidated Superior Court and Circuit Court rules is in place.  Work is taking place to add Appendices (forms).

Consolidated District Court rules will be added over the coming weeks.  In the meantime, a full set of rules with amendments have been migrated from our current website.


Future updates

While a large amount of content has been put in place for beta purposes, not all functionality is yet in place. 

The Legal Diary is still in place on our main website while development work on a revised version continues. 

Court forms will be added to this site in due course


Please also visit our Disclaimer page