Strategy and Reform Directorate

The Courts Service, Green Street Courthouse, Halston Street, Dublin 7.
+353 1 888 6763
Head of Office: 
Head of Directorate: Audrey Leonard
Other Information: 

This office has responsibility for the following;

  • legislative affairs.
  • preparation of proposals for modernising legislation on court administration
  • preparation of proposals on modernisation and simplification of court rules and terminology
  • Rules Committee Support Unit: Provide secretarial, clerical and administrative support to the Superior Court Rules Committee, Circuit Court Rules Committee and District Court Rules Committee in accordance with the provisions of section 6(2) of the Courts Service Act, 1998 as amended by section 18 of the Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2008. Provides representation of C.E.O. on those committees pursuant to section 30(2) of the Courts Service Act, 1998.
  • identifying of opportunities for improvement of procedures and practice of court office
  • assessment of implications of information technology and egovernment
  • initiatives for court rules and practices
  • examination, in consultation with other directors of the Courts Service, of proposals for new legislation affecting courts administration

The office also provided administrative support to the Working Group on the Jurisdiction of the Courts.